Children's fiction and nonfiction


​"Spellbinding. Thrilling. Heartwarming. I devoured it in one gulp."

Jenni Spangler, author of The Vanishing Trick

Join Lal, Dilip and Jenny on their magical journey to help the tiger keep an old promise.

By Joan Haig

Illustrated by Marian Brown


"An important, beautiful and powerful record of this moment in history."

Kirsty Crommie, Unicorns & Kelpies book blog

Poems and prose for children living in lockdown by 40 writers living in Scotland.

Edited by Joan Haig

Illustrated by Darren Gate

Nonfiction for children - out with Templar 2021


By Joan Haig and Joan Lennon

Illustrated by André Ducci

Illustrations © Marian Brown

© 2019 Joan Haig