Here's my Climate Emergency Pledge - what's yours?

​​I am proud to be part of the Climate FIction Writers League, a group of authors raising awareness of Climate Change through writing. Climate Change is the biggest threat to the planet as we know it and it is driven by human action. The good news is that we have the power to act positively to reverse the damage we continue to cause our world.

I am committed to putting my actions and my money where my mouth is, and I pledge to do my best to reduce my carbon footprint. I will do this by:

Using renewable energy where I can

Reducing the amount of meat I eat

Making sure the products I buy or make for my home are environmentally friendly

Refusing to buy or support companies who do not have policies that protect people and planet

Reducing my air travel

Contributing to Tweed Forum, a local initiative planting trees to help offset carbon emissions.

I also pledge to use my writing for positive change. I write books that I hope will take adults and children on exciting adventures. I also hope they make readers feel and think and learn about the world in a way that  encourages them to act positively, too. Tiger Skin Rug confronts habitat destruction, Stay at Home! is a free and paper-free book online, Talking History engages with big political moments - including youth activism on the environment - and my work in progress is a novel for children about increased storm activity caused by Climate Change.

© 2021 Joan Haig