Climate Change

I care about many issues: inequality, poverty, child protection, animal welfare, fair trade, deforestation, modern slavery, waste (especially plastic), biodiversity. One issue, however, is so important that it sweeps all these others along with it in its wake, making each of them worse and harder to tackle.


That issue is Climate Change.


Climate Change is the biggest threat to the planet as we know it and it is driven by human action. The good news is that we have the power to act positively to reverse the damage we continue to cause our world.

I am committed to putting my actions and my money where my mouth is. Some actions are easy and free; others are more costly, and as a result my family and I go without a lot of material 'luxuries'. Here are some of the things I do already, but I am always looking to do more.

  • I am a member of Tweed Forum, which offsets my carbon emissions by planting trees in our local area

  • I do not travel by aeroplane unless necessary

  • I am saving towards an electric or hybrid car (I currently have a diesel car)

  • I use public transport to get to work and for anything else where possible

  • I have solar panels on my house

  • I have applied for a grant for air source heating (fingers crossed!)

  • I use an renewable energy supplier (Octopus)

  • I buy local, seasonal and organic fruit and vegetables (fresh and frozen) and grow what I can myself

  • I eat a reduced amount of (organic, locally sourced) meat (instead of 'Meat Free Monday', we have 'Meat Sunday')

  • I buy or make my own eco household products (from laundy liquid to aftershave)

  • I recycle everything possible

  • I buy second-hand toys and games for my children, and second-hand or surplus clothes for the whole family

  • I follow advice on supermarkets: for items I cannot buy at local shops I currently use Waitrose and Lidl, whose carbon impact is the lowest

  • I make do and mend

I also write books that I hope will make adults and children feel and think and learn about the world in a way that  encourages them to act positively, too. Tiger Skin Rug confronts habitat destruction, Talking History engages with big political moments - including youth activism on the environment - and my work in progress is a novel for children about increased storm activity caused by Climate Change.

Illustrations © Marian Brown

© 2019 Joan Haig