Reviews of Tiger Skin Rug

"A unique and atmospheric middle-grade fantasy adventure... There’s something timelessly appealing about magic carpet adventures."

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"Tiger Skin Rug held me entranced. It’s an example of writing for children at its very best and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s brilliant."

Linda's Book Bag - read the full review here.

"Everything about this book is delightful: the children and their families, the magical tiger, the wonderful characters they meet along the way and the gentle references to conservation and environmental issues."

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"A fast-paced adventure which was lots of fun to read but one which had important underlying messages too."

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"Joan Haig has a fantastic way of luring the reader in. From the creepy vibes to be found in their new home to the warm climes of their old one, you will be glad you opened this book as you join Lal, Dilip and Jenny as they travel to distant lands determined to unravel the mysteries of the tiger."

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"Tiger Skin Rug is aimed at children age 8 to 12 which I think is perfect, Lottie is 8 and absolutely loves this book and I am 12 and easily got lost in it. I am sure it would also appeal to older readers too though, my Mum loved the style of Joan Haig’s writing and really enjoyed the story- she and Lottie cheated near the end and swapped their chapter a night for three chapters as they were enjoying it too much to stop!

I really hope Joan Haig has plans for more children’s novels in the future."

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Reviews of Stay at Home!

"This collection contains the work of 40 different contributors, but it still feels like a conversation with one friend who really understands what this lockdown life is like. When so many children are not seeing, or talking to, their peers, that sense of a shared experience is a precious thing indeed."

Roaring Reads - read more here.

"I think that what people will respond to in this book is that it treats a child’s world with absolute honesty and absolute respect. It’s moving, it’s funny, it’s thought provoking, it’s real. It literally brings you to the level we are all on right now and the illustrations that go with it are simply gorgeous. What the authors and illustrator have created here is special and quite honestly, in my opinion, historical."

Stoomio - read more here.

"There is everything you could want in this collection.  There is funny, there is sad, there is fear, there is hope.  It is a testament to our children who have demonstrated imagination, creativity, perseverance and optimism through this period. This is a stunning anthology, a work of absolute perfection that is an important, beautiful and powerful record of this moment in history."

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Stop Press!

"Covid-themed book launched for kids in lockdown"

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"Borders mum retreats to write her first book"

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"Mother writes novel for her children following cancer diagnosis."

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"Scottish publisher Cranachan has signed debut author Joan Haig to its middle-grade imprint, Pokey Hat, for her first title Tiger Skin Rug."

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